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We take the time an undergone an extensive screening of our personnel to promote the best practice of each an all of them on their daily performance no matter if their having a soccer game going on or giving a baby bottle before its nap, they have the knowledge to take care an be trusted to perform their job the best possible way.

We established a full child care agency  with years of collective experience in childcare, we’ve learned what families want and we’re proud to share this with you. They have their courses yearly renovated an CPR trained.

Whether you need a babysitter for one night to have a relaxed dinner or a relaxing visit to the Spa. Or a nanny for the rest of your stay. We carefully fill full your needs for the best child care to place will gladly accommodate her to make a better vacation for all of you


Get to know us:

Indi: had work with children more then 18 years.

worked in the hotel Industry as kids counselour and companies like Disney and abroad New York, Monaco, Utah etc.

enjoys dancing and the ocean, loving person. English, Spanish, Portuguese, French.


Mine: Marine Biologist with experience in summer camps an kids club activities, lived in Spain an a great hearted gal. She loves nature an engages kids to participate a lot in to the encounter with in in the Area.


Sofi: with 6 year experience in summer camps in Idaho, Massachusetts and California. Worked in the hotel industry in the kids programs at Four Seasons.

Positive, fun, and confident. English, Spanish.

Selene: 20years experience, Preschool teacher she had worked in the hotel industry at the kids programs at the Four Seasons hotels. Energetic and enjoys arts & crafts. English, Spanish.


Melissa: French, English Sitter is the big mama of our group loving an patiente with a big warm smile an lots of stories to share to our young travelers

Maria: Hi energetic an loving sitter, she has more than 14 years of experience many of those years also as a mom. Had worked in the hotel industry in hotels like the fourseasons an Rossewood among others.

Gi: A Crafty an loving gal with lots of energy an music an games always to play. her biggest quality is always helping others an doing her best.

Liz: is a Yoga an kidfun person, always with the energy an ready to teach our kiddies new things, also a Marine Biologist.

Jaz: Comes from the kids club activities an enjoys most of her time doing pool games an outdoor activities with the kids Also had worked at the Fourseasons an a university grad.


Isabel: A traveler an kid fun sitter that has always games an arts to share with the kids, she is a tall energetic sitter among the group

Abby: very loving an carying we define hes as the sitter for the little ones, she is a med grad witch she has a lot of experience with the little little of the families from new borns up to expert swimmers.

Isabella: she is the youngest of our crew but with a big sense of responsability with only one year with us; lots of patient, smily an spontaneous. Older kids love to play an hang out with her.   

Saralee:  6 years working with kids She is a professional ballet dancer and a preschool teacher. Her passion the ballet but her joy are the kids.

Our sitters: About
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